The process of selecting the new KDE Goals is ongoing, and after finishing the submission stage we now have 11 proposals.

As you might see in the workboard, they are in the “Not ready for voting” column. This is because even though they have successfully been created according to the template, there is still much to do before the voting starts.

Right now we are in the Refinement stage, which lasts until August 27th. But what is the purpose of this stage?

The point is to shape each proposal into its best possible version. This is the moment to work on the proposal with a larger audience, seek feedback and gather people that would be interested in participating in the Goal.

Konqi is ready to work on stuff.

I encourage everyone in the community – newcomers and veterans – to look through the proposals and voice your opinions. If you find a proposal that you like and needs some work, be sure to suggest changes. You can help refine any number of proposals. If you want to show support for a Goal proposal in a visible way, each entry should have a “Interest” section at the bottom – you can add your name there.

Some things to consider when refining the Goals:

  • The name of the Goal should be attractive, not very long, and clearly state what is it about. It will be easier to vote for a Goal that has clear steps of how it will be achieved. The more concrete plan is formulated, the better it will look.
  • Ambitious Goals are good, but keep them in the realm of possibility. A selected Goal will be in focus for the community for ~2 years, the community expects major parts of the Goal to be completed in that time AND visible progress to be made on an ongoing basis.
  • And of course, the Goal needs to serve the KDE community :)

With all of that in mind, I again encourage you to look at the current proposals and start refining!