I’m super excited to finally announce the start of the submission process for the brand new KDE Goals!

Starting today, you can submit a new proposal on the workboard and shape the future direction of the KDE community.

This stage in the process lasts 4 weeks, but don’t wait until the last moment! Submit early, and use the remaining time to listen to feedback, refine and update the proposal. Only the submission with good descriptions will move to the next stage: the community vote.

Screenshot of the previous Goals workboard

To make things easier, a template ticket is provided that you have to copy and fill out with your content. This way, none of the important parts of a good proposal will be skipped, and there will be consistency between the different proposals.

You will need an account to create a new proposal, and then use the arrow in the “Not ready for voting” column to create a new task. Don’t forget to copy the description from the template!

Remember, by submitting a Goal proposal, you are also submitting yourself as the Goal Champion for it. A Goal Champion is sort of the face of the Goal and the motivator of the initiative, but not necessarily the one that implements most of the tasks. After all, this is a community Goal, so a good Champion will motivate others to join in and help achieve amazing things.

If you want to learn more about the whole process, see the wiki for more details.

Don’t wait, submit your proposal and who knows, perhaps your idea will be announced as one of the new Goals during Akademy 2022!